2 adults, child taken by Life Flight from accident in NW Harris Co.

Monday, December 12, 2016
6 injured in NW Harris County crash
An entire family was sent to the hospital after a driver who was possibly speeding and potentially impaired hit them in NW Harris County, investigators say.

HARRIS COUNTY (KTRK) -- A wreck along a narrow stretch of road on the northwest side sent an entire family to the hospital. Investigators say speed was a factor and the driver who caused the wreck may have been impaired.

Accident investigators were called to the scene at Bourgeois and Canyon Trail around 4:30 Sunday afternoon. They found a black Camaro and white Toyota SUV had collided head on.

Authorities say the driver of the Camaro is to blame. He was seen weaving in and out of traffic and driving erratically.

He was flown to the hospital. The entire family in the SUV was also taken for medical treatment. The mother, who was driving, and an 11-year-old girl were taken to the hospital by Life Flight.

The father and two daughters, believed to be around 3 and 17, were also transported on the ground.

"It's the holiday season, football season. We're seeing a lot of that in Harris County. If you're driving, don't drink, if you do have a drink get somebody to drive you," accident investigator M. Nguyen with the Harris County Sheriff's Office said.

The conditions of all the patients are not yet known. Deputies say they aren't sure yet where the family was going or coming from Sunday afternoon.