Will buying a box spring for your bed save you money in the long run?

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Do you need to spend the extra money on a box spring? (KTRK)

When buying a mattress, you often don't think about the added cost of a box spring.

Do you really need to spend the extra money? I went in search of the answer.

You may be tempted to skip the cost of a box spring, but depending on where you buy the mattress, that can be a tricky decision.

I found mattress expert and manager of Mattress One Tommy Alejandro.

"I personally believe you do need the box spring. That's generally because of the warranty. Get the box spring that comes with the mattress for the protection of the warranty," Alejandro said.

Not only could not buying the box spring cancel out your warranty, but The Better Sleep Council adds, "Your foundation is responsible for much of your bed's comfort and support."

"Even old box springs will actually wear and tear," Alejandro said.

A new box spring will set you back anywhere from $150-$200, but by spending a little more, you're locking in your warranty, saving you more in the long run.

"We can find the best solution and bring the price down a little bit if it fits their budget," Alejandro explained.

The type of mattress you buy can also determine if you need a box spring.

"Some memory foam and latex mattress sellers will say all you really need is a sturdy surface," Consumer Reports Home Editor Haniya Rae said.

In some cases, slatted boards can do the trick. Consumer Reports says make sure to do your research before choosing your mattress.

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