Dentist arrested after camera was discovered in office's restroom

SEWELL, New Jersey -- A dentist is accused of hiding a camera inside a restroom used by his female employees.

Police arrested Robert Hofstetter, 69, after a woman in Hofstetter's office found the camera.

"Tuesday afternoon, an employee at the dentist's office reported they had located a camera inside a bathroom inside of the dentist's office," Capt. Kenneth Kennedy said.

Police went to Dr. Robert Hofstetter's office and allegedly located a so-called pinhole video camera in an employee bathroom, which was apparently sometimes used by patients.

"Based on information they gave us, we ended up going out and speaking to the dentist, and based on that investigation, he was charged," said Captain Kennedy.

Hofstetter's Facebook profile says he is a Georgetown University trained dentist, and has a pre-med degree from Penn State, while working for the "Best Employer in the World - Me."

People are saying if what is alleged is true, it's unnerving.

"Just creepy to think about somebody actually with a camera wanting to watch people in a bathroom. It's a violation of privacy and sense of safety for people," Maria Pitale said.

While a camera was recovered, police say, so far, they do not have any recorded material from it.

It is not clear if they have any hard drives or video recording devices, which might have recorded images.

They are asking for anyone with knowledge of Hofstetter's office operations to reach out.

"We put questions on the Facebook page, asking anyone affected to call us, so we can investigate that as well, " said Captain Kennedy.

Hofstetter was charged with invasion of privacy.
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