Netflix isn't giving you free a free 1-year subscription due to COVID-19

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Friday, December 25, 2020
Beware of the Netflix email scam
Beware of the Netflix email scam

Did you get a text message from Netflix offering a free 1-year subscription? Well, you may want to delete it for it's possibly a scam.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Office issued a warning about the phishing text going around.

"If you get a text like this, DO NOT click on the link. It's a phishing scam. Netflix is not giving away a year free. Stay safe!" their warning read.

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Authorities also shared an image of the text that read, "Due to the pandemic, Netflix is giving everyone a free 1-year subscription to help you stay at home. Get yours here..."

The text is followed by a link that deputies say you should not click.

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According to the Snopes article Montgomery County Precinct 4 Office shared, Netflix is not making such an offer and it no longer offered the temporary free trials for potential subscribers.

For more details on how to stay safe and aware of phishing emails, visit Netflix's website.

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