Baytown woman allegedly faked her entire pregnancy before going missing on her due date

Sunday, August 8, 2021
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Family members said the woman, who said she was scheduled to be induced Thursday to deliver twins, stopped by her husband's gravesite just before she disappeared.

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- A Baytown family said they believe their missing loved one faked her entire pregnancy before she reportedly disappeared on the day she was scheduled to be induced.

Most of those same family members of the missing woman, including her in-laws, were seen on ABC13 Friday night pleading for her safe return.

On Saturday, the family said they discovered new information which prompted them to speak out a second time. They said they found out she was never really pregnant.

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Officials with the Baytown Police Department said 31-year-old Elizabeth Jasso was last seen leaving the family's home early Thursday morning.

Jasso's mother-in-law, Blanca Gonzalez, told ABC13 that Jasso left their house before she went to the cemetery where her husband was buried. Jasso never returned.

Gonzalez originally said she was desperate to find her, fearing the worst since she believed Jasso was 40-weeks pregnant with her twin grandsons. So, Gonzalez decided to file a missing person's report.

Baytown Police Department released a statement and said they believe Jasso may be experiencing a crisis.

She was last seen driving her white 2017 BMW with Texas plate #NZK 4426.

"To me it was like a novella. A Lifetime movie," Jasso's cousin-in-law Victoria Cruz-Ramirez said.

The family said they determined Jasso had allegedly faked the entire pregnancy, including buying fake ultrasounds from online.

"The sister and the father said that, 'You know she wasn't pregnant,'" Cruz-Ramirez said. "They figured that she was faking the pregnancy. She couldn't even have kids."

Gonzalez said she feels betrayed by her daughter-in-law and wants to know why.

The family said they are still grieving the loss of Gonzalez's son, Jasso's husband, who was shot and killed during February's winter storm in Baytown.

"I just feel that whenever she sees this, I hope you're alright. I hope you're okay, by all means," Cruz-Ramirez said. "But that you get evaluated somehow. That her family evaluates her with everything that she's going through. Whatever she's dealing with."

Baytown Police said this is still an active missing person's case. Anyone with information on Jasso's whereabouts is urged to contact Baytown police at 281-427-TIPS.

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