Man's charges upgraded to murder after woman found inside U-Haul box

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A 60-year-old man's charges have been upgraded to murder after a woman's body was found in a U-Haul box at an apartment complex parking lot in southwest Houston in April.

Miguel Angel Moreno is accused of killing the woman, identified as Flor Aidee Vega, by hitting her with a blunt object.

According to court records, Moreno dismembered her.

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On April 17 in the 7000 block of Bissonnet Street, police found a box containing the body of a Hispanic woman, who had severe injuries to her head and neck. In addition, officials said facial bones were broken and her neck appeared to be as well.

Prosecutors obtained surveillance footage showing a man wheeling the box on a dolly and dropping it off. Police later identified the man in the video as Moreno and took him in for questioning.

He was arrested and initially charged with tampering with evidence.

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Moreno was listed on the apartment lease with a woman. It is unclear if she was the victim of the brutal death. Moreno's relation to the victim has also not been confirmed.

The medical examiner's office has ruled that Vega died by homicide with blunt head trauma.

Authorities asked Moreno if they could search his apartment and were originally told 'yes' but he later denied access, according to prosecutors.
With a search warrant, investigators were able to get inside and found a mattress that appeared to be covered in biological material wrapped in plastic and a green sheet, which was consistent with what was around the woman's body in the box. Blood was also found in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room.

When asked about his involvement in the Vega's death, Moreno told police that someone broke into his home a couple of days before and brought the large U-Haul box into his apartment. He said it smelled bad, noticed blood on the bottom of the box, and believed there was a dead body inside. When officers asked why he didn't call 911, Moreno said he did not want to get in trouble and removed the box.

Moreno's bond was last set at $500,000.

Court documents show bond conditions were granted and include:

  • Surrendering any and all travel documents such as passports and visas. Moreno also can't apply for new documents.
  • Having no contact with Vega's family, whether that be in person, by phone, by mail or any other manner or means.

  • Not coming within 200 feet of the Oaks of Bissonnet apartment complex.
  • Not being allowed to have any firearms, ammunition or other weapons.
  • No possession or consumption of alcohol, controlled substances, dangerous drug or marijuana unless it's a lawful prescription issued by a medical doctor.
  • GPS monitoring
  • Subject to house arrest from 12 a.m. to 12 a.m.
  • No contact with any child under the age of 17.
  • Not living or going within 1,000 feet of a premises where children commonly gather, such as schools and day cares, except as specifically permitted by the court.
  • Not supervising or participating in any activity or program that included people under the age of 17.
  • Not having possession or access to a computer or cell phone with internet, the internet or pornography of any kind.

Moreno has lived in Houston for 25 years. He has three kids, two of which are minors, and has been steadily employed as a painter.
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