At Michy's restaurant Puerto Rican natives are transported back to the island

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Monday, November 13, 2023
Customers drive hours just to eat at Michy's restaurant
Check out this Chinese Puerto Rican restaurant. Customers say there's nothing like it in Texas.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Puerto Ricans who now live in Texas say eating at Michy's Chino Boricua transports them back to the island. The restaurant serves Chinese food the way its traditionally made in the U.S. territory.

"I'm from Puerto Rico, I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I drive here every two weeks. It takes me about four hours to get here and four hours to get back," One loyal customer said. "This place is unique, it's the only one in Texas."

Owner Michelle Lao was born in Panama and lived in China before her family moved to Puerto Rico when she was a toddler. She opened Michy's in May 2021 and uses her family recipes, which integrate flavors from the island.

"They miss home, they miss what they were able to get from the island and I think we are able to serve that community, and fill in that gap," Lao said. "They are able to get a little piece of home here in Houston."

Michy's is located at 2424 Greenhouse Rd, Suite 180. You can view the menu here.