Marvin Zindler's larger-than-life personality on display in new mural

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021
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Marvin Zindler's larger-than-life personality is now on display in a new mural!

HOUSTON, Texas -- Marvin Zindler's personality was larger than life, so it should come as no surprise he served as the perfect subject for Anat Ronen's new mural on Houston's Northside.

The mural, which is located in the 3400 block of Irvington, is 14 feet tall and took nearly two days to complete.

"People started seeing it on the street and it was incredible to have people come over (to see it)," said Ronen. "'It's just a feel-good mural."

Ronen, who is a native of Israel, moved to Houston in 2006 and admits she never saw Zindler on television.

She wanted to paint a mural featuring a local icon, and a variety of people suggested she paint Marvin.

Anat did her research and the mural was completed in May.

"I think he belonged to this era where we looked at the screen as some kind of a wonder," she said. "It was a special moment in TV time."

She came away impressed with Zindler's ability to help the community, as well as his desire to do things in his unique style.

"If you leave that kind of impact, you did good," Ronen said. "He left his mark."