Car crashes into single mother's SE Houston home, missing child inside bathroom seconds before

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Tuesday, April 4, 2023
Man without insurance crashes into single mother's Gulfcrest home
The mother says the only thing she immediately thought of was her child who was narrowly missed by the car that crashed into the bathroom seconds after the child left.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A single mother says she's lucky her children went unharmed when a car crashed into their home in the Golfcrest area over the weekend, and it was all caught on video.

A man sped through the stop sign on Midvale Street and Chaffin Street, crashing into the garage and ultimately hitting the home's only bathroom.

"I wasn't really thinking about the house. I was thinking about my kids. I was worried about the kids," homeowner Sirenia Quintanilla said.

Quintanilla has four children. Her youngest, 5-year-old Mateo, had just stepped out of the bathroom moments before the crash.

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"When the car hit you could feel the house shake. So I ran to my brother, I looked out the window, and I saw a guy, and he was bleeding, so I was so scared," Quintanilla's daughter, Alexa Briones, said.

The moment was caught on the home's surveillance cameras as the driver got out, apologizing and grappling with what he had done.

In one clip even says his life was ruined.

Eyewitness News blurred his face because it's not clear if he's been charged or cited.

"I showed him look, 'This is my restroom. My 5-year-old was barely getting out. Can you think about that?' And he stayed quiet and walked away," Quintanilla said.

And to make matters worse, Quintanilla will end up paying for a crash that was no fault of her own.

"At the end, they told me that he doesn't have car insurance. So now I'm stuck with this," she said.

Quintanilla tells ABC13 Reporter Daniela Hurtado that speeding has been a problem in the neighborhood for a long time.

She and her neighbors complained to the city and asked for speed bumps a year ago.

She said the requests had not been considered.

The community hopes something is done before something like this happens again.

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