¡Que Onda!: Publication provides resources for Houstonians and beyond

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Monday, September 11, 2023
Magazine spotlights Houston's Hispanic community
Hispanic Magazine celebrates 30 years of serving Houston's Hispanic community.

HOUSTON, Texas -- ¡Que Onda! Magazine has been serving the Houston community for three decades. It brings events, food, and community resources into one place.

Jesus Gabriel Esparza is the second generation in the family business. His parents started the publication in 1993. The goal was to become the largest Hispanic publication in the Houston area.

It now serves other parts of Texas, including Dallas and Austin. It is also the oldest Hispanic publication in Houston. ¡Que Onda! Magazine is also in Monterey, Mexico, making it international.

"Que onda is a very common word in Mexico and South America. 'Que onda' means "whats up?" So 'que onda is a word that is used on a regular basis in every single demographic, from Mexico to South America," Esparza said.

The magazine is also meant to bring awareness and help other cultures learn about the Hispanic community, according to Esparza. He said he hopes other people can use the publication as a resource when discovering Latino cultures.

The publication turns 30 on September 15, 2023. The day also marks the starts of Hispanic Heritage Month.

You can view the online magazine here.