Lake Charles family begins cleanup from Hurricane Laura, but first, breakfast

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Friday, August 28, 2020
Lake Charles family serves breakfast in the carport after Laura
Audrey and her family didn't wait on extra manpower to help pick up the heaviest of the debris left behind by Hurricane Laura, including her roof that's in her front yard.

LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana (KTRK) -- Two days ago, breakfast would have been served in their kitchen.

Today, Audrey Miles and her family didn't go without the first meal of the day, even though they're without a roof and windows.

"The entire roof of the main house, the original house is all gone," Miles said. "You just walk in the rooms and look up and see stars."

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Utility crews and other recovery assets still aren't able to access many homes in the area due to debris covering the roads. Winds in excess of 130 mph ripped most anything in the path of Hurricane Laura as it pushed past Lake Charles Thursday.

Miles and her family didn't wait on help to arrive before beginning the massive cleanup efforts. Sheet metal, lumber and vegetation like massive trees are piled in the family yard.

So is the entirety of their roof.

In a region known for good food as much as letting the good times roll, Audrey's boyfriend, Kimberly, didn't let the lack of power stop the cooking.

Bacon, eggs and toast were served up thanks to a generator, a griddle and a toaster, all from the comfort of their carport.

Since it is southwest Louisiana though, there was also Tony Chachere's seasoning. Lots of Tony's.

In a time of strife and a repeat of the cleanups from storms like 2005's Hurricane Rita, it's a wonder why Miles and her family continue to do it again.

"It's Louisiana," Audrey said. "We want to be here."

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