ABC13 viewer's doorbell cam may have captured larger-than-usual wild cat in Kingwood

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Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Large cat sighting Texas: ABC13 viewer from Kingwood captures late-night prowler on Falling Brook Drive
An ABC13 viewer shared video taken from a doorbell camera, showing a large cat prowling through a Kingwood neighborhood.

KINGWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- Close encounters with wild animals around Houston are not a new occurrence.

Between various alligators, coyotes, and big cats being where they don't belong, Eyewitness News viewers have been the first to come across the wandering critters.

The latest, potential sighting comes out of Kingwood, where a neighbor claims a bobcat took a late-night stroll on Monday.

ABC13 viewer Jilla Clemons shared a video from her front porch showing the larger-than-normal feline walking across her yard along Falling Brooke Drive.

She told ABC13 that neighbors have begun speculating about what exactly prowled since they haven't seen the cat before.

Some of the past wild cat encounters ABC13 has reported on include a Sugar Land-area bobcat and a tiger that was seen roaming in west Houston, which gained national attention due to who was handling it.

Who can forget the case involving India the tiger and Victor Cuevas, who's accused of an unrelated murder but wound up caring for the animal?

India was an extreme case of a wild animal in our area. So far, Kingwood authorities haven't issued any type of safety warning from the latest sighting.

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