India the tiger appears to be loving his new north Texas home

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021
India the tiger appears to be loving his new north Texas home
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India seems to be feeling right at home at his new habitat. Adorable video from the Humane Society shows him splashing in a pond and playing with toys.

MURCHISON, Texas (KTRK) -- New video shows India the tiger living his best life at his new home at an animal sanctuary in north Texas.

India was moved into a bigger habitat over the weekend at Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas.

He has a large, naturally-wooded half acre habitat at the sanctuary.

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Source: The Humane Society of the United States

"India is a confident boy, and in his large space he is relishing in his freedom, and acting like the curious, lively young tiger he is. He already found a large log that is clearly his favorite, and enjoys stretching, scratching and marking his scent. He bounces around the habitat exploring all of the new smells and stalking his toys in the thick tall grass, illustrating his wild instincts," said Noelle Almrud, senior director of Black Beauty. "He is having a great time in his pool, particularly batting at the waterspout, and spending time exploring the hills, platforms and other enrichment- including a big red ball he ambushes as he leaps from behind bushes to try to get it. He watches his new neighbors curiously - tigers and a black bear from afar in their own habitats. He continues to thrive and is eating well."

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