'Everything just happened so fast': Lake Conroe fireworks show explodes, injuring 3 people

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Thursday, July 6, 2023
Video shows fireworks display didn't go as planned in Lake Conroe
The Lake Conroe Fourth of July fireworks show at Point Aquarius exploded and sent three people to the hospital with injuries, officials said.

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- Three people were taken to the hospital after a neighborhood's Fourth of July fireworks show on Lake Conroe went awry.

Glen Hall attended the Point Aquarius festivities off Highway 1097 Tuesday night.

He said a group of about 30 people were on someone's two-story boat deck popping fireworks.

"I saw the deck start lighting up with true fire," Hall said.

That was the moment he knew something was not right.

The Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office said residents told them a firework malfunctioned and set off all the fireworks they had for the show on the deck.

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Hall and Armando Nora, who were at the neighborhood celebration separately, were recording video of the show on their phones and caught the moment the chaos erupted.

The area around the deck was lit up with fireworks, and continuous pops from them exploding can be heard in the videos.

"Some people got up and started moving away from what had happened, but at the same time, weren't sure what to do," Nora said. "Again, everything just happened so fast. We weren't sure if anyone needed help or if we should just move."

The escape route from the deck became blocked, according to the fire marshal's office. Three people were injured trying to get away.

"Blast injuries from fireworks, burns, and traumatic injuries," Montgomery County Emergency Services District 1 Battalion Chief Bill Derks said.

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He described their injuries as being non-life threatening. All three were transported to the hospital. Their current condition is unknown.

Nora said people at the show got a hose and started spraying the fire.

By the time the fire department arrived, which was in just seven minutes, the fire was out.

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