New Kroger A.I. tool ChefBot helps provide recipes for dinner

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
New Kroger A.I. tool helps decide what's for dinner
Need a little inspiration using the ingredients in your fridge? Press play for information on the new Kroger ChefBot!

Your next meal may be inspired by artificial intelligence.

Kroger has a new recipe tool that gives you dinner ideas based on what's in your fridge.

All it requires is a picture of what you have on hand and the Kroger ChefBot will give you several suggestions.

Kroger ChefBot can even be found on Twitter.

Users snap a picture of three items and then post it on their twitter feed with an "@" to the Kroger ChefBot.

The A.I. then collects dinner ideas with those items in mind and produces recipes.

One recent user took a picture of chicken, green beans and eggs and the Bot suggested a sweet potato, green bean and chicken stew and several other ideas.

The bot assumes you have spices and, as in the stew, some additional items.

If you do not, you can always head to the store to buy what's missing.

With more families staying home and cooking than ever before, Kroger employees say ChefBot can help families reduce food waste.

"ChefBot really allows you to create meals that you otherwise might not have thought of using, ingredients that you already have on hand already in your kitchen that you may otherwise had thrown away, helping to eliminate that waste," said Clara Campbell with Kroger Corporate Affairs.

The bot can also take dietary needs into account. It can also suggest vegan-only options.

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