Father killed when motorcyclist shoots at car 6 times

Wednesday, December 4, 2019
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A widow wants to know what led biker to shoot into husband's car, killing him.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One month ago, a man was killed in a road rage incident near US-59 and Rankin. His car was struck by gunfire at least six times.

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"It's quieter, lonely," said Kristen Wheeler.

The days are different for Wheeler and her 13-year-old son since her husband, 36-year-old George LeNormand, was killed.

"He was on a side job. He was on his way home. He had just texted me and said, 'I'm on way home, babe.' He was supposed to come pick me up and I just kept calling. I knew something was wrong," said Wheeler.

Detectives say that a motorcyclist was driving down the freeway and his girlfriend was following behind in a truck around 2 p.m. on a Sunday.

The motorcyclist and his girlfriend say Lenormand's car got in between the two of them and got close to hitting the motorcycle. The motorcyclist allegedly tried to get away from the car, but said he continued to be followed by it.

Detectives say the motorcyclist said he felt Lenormand intended to hit him. He then shot at the car, hitting it at least six times.

Wheeler says she just wants to know how it all happened that day from anyone who saw it.

"I want to know why he had to die that day? How did it get to that? Because he wasn't armed," said Wheeler.

Wheeler says she can't imagine her husband putting anyone in danger.

"I can see him being a little hot-headed sometimes but not to the point of what happened," said Wheeler.

Detectives say once their investigation is complete, they will send it over to the district attorney's office so a grand jury can hear it.

After 16 years together, Kristen is preparing for the holidays without her husband.

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