Kidnapping suspect out on $2 bond back in court for allegedly committing the same offense

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Friday, January 20, 2023
Man allegedly attacks same woman again after being released on $2 bond
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Judge Josh Hill granted the kidnapping suspect the $2 bond. We interviewed him last spring, and this is what he said about giving second chances to people that maybe shouldn't have gotten one.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A kidnapping suspect who was let out of jail on a $2 bond is back in court on Friday, and he's being called a repeat offender.

In December, court records show Aubrey Taylor was arrested for choking and kidnapping a woman he was dating.

A judge granted Taylor a $1 bond for each charge, a total of $2, and he bonded out last Saturday. He was given an ankle monitor and was ordered to be on 24/7 house arrest.

Taylor did not follow those orders and within two days of bonding out, he allegedly threatened the same woman with a gun.

He now faces several charges, including the original charges of aggravated kidnapping and assault of a family member.

While the Texas Constitution guarantees all prisoners should be bailable, unless for capital offenses, this sort of situation is one that many in Houston have heard about before. A suspect accused of a violent crime is out on bond and commits another violent crime.

Judge Josh Hill is the one who granted Taylor the $2 bond. He is one of the judges who sat down with ABC13's Brooke Taylor last spring and answered some of our questions on bond.

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"I will say, every decision I make weighs on me and whatever the outcome of my decisions is, I try to stay on top of it," Hill said in last spring's interview. "If I think I am going to give somebody a second chance that maybe shouldn't have gotten that second chance, I look for patterns so that when I make decisions in the future, I can make better informed decisions."

In this case, Taylor's bond is denied since he violated his bond conditions. He's due back in Hill's courtroom Friday morning.

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