'Don't Mess with Nana' Livingston mayor who killed 12-foot gator gets a song

If a 12-foot-long, 580-pound gator killed with just one shot by Livingston Mayor Judy B. Cochran isn't enough to convince you not to mess with Cochran, maybe a song all about her huge feat will.

Inspired by Cochran's accomplishment, Patricia Bishop and Jesse Navarro created "Don't Mess with Nana" and it explains exactly why you better check yourself before you approach her.

"Don't let her snow-white hair fool you. Don't ever mess around with great-granny Nana in that tiny Texas town," the lyrics begin.

Bishop and Navarro even took care to detail how Cochran's great adventure began, explaining that it really all started three years ago when a gator killed her mini horse.

"She swore one day she'd get him, she'd get him no matter what the cost," the song says.

Once it was gator season in Polk County, all bets were off.

Cochran took down the gator with just one shot at her family's ranch along the Trinity River about a week ago.

"If you ever get a chance to visit, give the mayor a call. You just might see a big ol' ugly gator stuffed and mounted on the wall," the ditty continues.

The tune is Nana-approved, by the way. Bishop and Navarro say they received permission to post the song.

Watch the video above to listen to the whole song.

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Mayor Judy Cochran says it took just one shot to kill the massive alligator.

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