5 years later and family of 11-year-old boy stabbed to death while walking home still seeking justice

At the place where 11-year-old Josue Flores was brutally attacked, community activists and elected officials joined Flores' sister Friday afternoon to bring his case back to the forefront.

"I just hope this reaches the right ears so something can get going," said Lupita Flores.

The corner of Fulton and James streets on Houston's northside is not a place where Josue's older sister likes to visit.

"Every time I'm here, I can picture him alone and that's what gets to me. Nobody was there," she said.

Josue was stabbed more than 20 times on May 17, 2016. Security video showed him walking home after school just moments before the attack. Five years later, he would have been 16.

"I'm pretty sure he would have had a girlfriend because he's such a sweet boy. I know he would have had some interest in science and just helping people," Flores said.

The Houston Police Department linked Andre Jackson, who is now 32, by surveillance video and a distinct jacket. He was arrested and charged with murder weeks after Josue's attack. That charged was dropped in 2017 due to inconclusive DNA results. In June 2019, he was re-arrested based on new tests. For the community, five years seems like forever.

"We want to speak to [Harris County District Attorney] Kim Ogg and we want to speak to the judge," said one community activist. "Justice delayed is justice denied. Let's put an end to this."

In a statement, Dane Schiller with the Harris County District Attorney's Office told ABC13, "this case is incredibly important to us. We will never forget young Josue and we remain focused on delivering justice for his family, friends and community. Unfortunately the pandemic has caused trial delays nationwide."

The court system was at a standstill most of 2020. There have been three re-sets since December. Jackson's next court setting is in June. He remains in jail.

Josue's family is still grieving, but his sister said they are also grateful for those who have stood by them over the years and have kept Josue's giving spirit alive.

"It really touches my family because in a way he's still out here," said Lupita. "He was such a beautiful soul."


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