Houston man rescuing dog stuck outside elevator goes viral

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston man's heroics are going viral. He is seen in a video rescuing a small dog when its leash was caught in the closed doors of an elevator.

Johnny Mathis tweeted Monday about his role in saving the little canine.

"Y'all I'm shaking!!! I just saved a dog on a leash that didn't make it onto the elevator with the owner before the door closed! I just happened to turn around as the door closed and it started to lift off the ground I got the leash off in time," Mathis tweeted.

He continued, "She started screaming as soon as the door shut and was bawling her eyes out when it came back down."

A day after putting out the tweets, Mathis posted video of the rescue taken from a camera at his apartment building.

In it, you see the owner enter the elevator and the doors close but without the Pomeranian getting on. The elevator starts going down, pulling the leash with it.

Mathis, who had just got off the elevator, jumps in and works quickly to remove the leash from the dog's collar just in time.

"Instinct just kicked in, I just grabbed that leash," Mathis said.

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