Help wanted! Over 400 jobs available now in the Mahatma Gandhi District

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Mahatma Gandhi District is a place where you can find a diverse job. But job experts say embracing your inner diversity anywhere could help you land your next position.

ABC13 hosted a virtual job fair Thursday featuring more than 400 jobs in the Mahatma Gandhi District. It's a place where employers are looking for diverse candidates, including an interpreting service company.

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"Embracing your differences and using that as an asset," Workforce Solutions spokesperson Michelle Castrow said. "This company is looking for people who speak languages like Punjabi, Nepali, Ukrainian, Russian, Farsi, and Vietnamese."

The job fair was streamed live in the video player of this article, but you can go back and watch it on our streaming app for ROKU, Fire and Apple TV.

During the half hour event, Workforce Solutions recruiters took calls, emails and messages to line up interviews.

"If you meet all of those qualifications, that Workforce Solutions recruiter is going to connect you with an interview with that employer," Castrow explained. "That could happen as early as the beginning of next week."

If you're not looking for a job in the Gandhi District, experts say you can still apply the same philosophy in other areas.

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"That ability to embrace people that come from different backgrounds, and still work together, gives you a real advantage in the workplace," Castrow explained.

If you're struggling to find a job, and don't know where to start, our job fair can help as well. Just submit a resume to Workforce Solutions, where it will receive individual attention.

If you want to preview the jobs, check out Workforce Solutions, and look for the "As seen on ABC13" section.

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