Job seekers face being 'ghosted' by employers and recruiters

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Friday, August 21, 2020
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Not hearing back from an employer? Watch the video for a few tips on how to handle that.

Job seekers are facing a new issue known as being "ghosted" by employers and recruiters.

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"Ghosting" means job seekers get an interview, then maybe a second one and after that, they don't hear from the company or recruiter again.

Experts at LinkedIn said they found 93% of job seekers who answered a survey about ghosting said it's happened to them.

"A lot of recruiters may be in the middle of the hiring process and that may be slow or on hold," said Andrew Seaman with LinkedIn. "So, one thing is just be nice to them, because you never know a month or two months down the road, they may circle back and say, 'Hey sorry about that position, but we have a new one opening up,' so you don't want to burn that bridge."

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Here are some suggestions on how to handle the experience of 'ghosting:'

  • If you aren't hearing from an employer, follow up three times. No more than once a week and then move on.
  • Continue to look for a job until you get a signed offer of employment.
  • Keep your communication classy. Recruiters and companies are overwhelmed with applicants.
  • Don't let being ghosted shake your confidence because this is happening to many job seekers.

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