Jimmy Kimmel opens up about newborn son in emotional monologue

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Jimmy Kimmel opens up about newborn son in emotional monologue
Jimmy Kimmel opened up about his newborn son's heart disease in an emotional monologue on Monday, May 1, 2017.

LOS ANGELES -- During an emotional and heartfelt monologue, Jimmy Kimmel opened up about his new baby boy's birth and health complications.

Speaking to his "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" audience, the late-night host held back tears as he documented the birth of his son William on April 21.

"They found that Billy was born with a heart disease," Kimmel explained.

Kimmel said William was able to return home six days after open-heart surgery at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Kimmel said William would have to undergo surgery again in three to six months.

Jimmy Kimmel shared a picture of his family, including his newborn son Billy who is recovering from open-heart surgery.

During his monologue he thanked the nurses, doctors and staff who helped William and urged his audience to donate to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

"Please say a prayer or send positive thoughts to the families with children who are still in the hospital now because they need it," a choked up Kimmel said.

Kimmel revealed he would be taking the rest of the week off and guest hosts would be filling in for him. On Tuesday, Kimmel tweeted an image of his family, expressing his "sincere thanks."