Jason Jolley's carwash murder still unsolved 5 years later

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Friday, July 29, 2022
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Half a decade later, the killer of Jason Jolley has still not been found. If you have any information about what happened call HPD homicide detectives at 713-308-3618.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's been half a decade since Jason Jolley was shot and killed at a carwash in northeast Houston.

"Honestly, I can't go over there," Shenetha Harrison Toliver said with her back to the run-down red building.

It's the first time Shenetha's returned since her 41-year-old cousin was murdered.

"We were raised more like siblings," Shenetha said. "So, I feel like a part of me is gone."

Kendra Jolley Larkin stands next to Shenetha, her cousin. Kendra was Jason's older sister. The two go out of their way to avoid this part of Homestead.

"It breaks my heart," Kendra says, patting her chest. "I will never forget it."

On the evening of July 30, 2017, there was a shootout across the street in the Big City Foods parking lot. Police said a stray bullet hit and killed Jason. There were so many shots fired police didn't have enough markers for the spent casings, investigators told ABC13 the next morning.

Half a decade later, the killer still hasn't been found.

"Somebody knows something," Shenetha said. "I just would hope that they would come forward because if it were their family members, they would want someone to speak up."

"We may even know the person that did it, and that's why no one is coming forward," Kendra said.

The fact that no one has provided police with a tip that's solved this case is hard for Jason's family to stomach, because Jason put the people in Homestead-a tightknit pocket of Houston-before himself.

"Things that we're still learning to this day-how much he helped people," Shenetha said.

Jason often drove elderly people to their doctor appointments and ran errands for homebound neighbors, Kendra said. A security guard at Big City Foods said you could often find Jason volunteering his free time to bag groceries for customers.

"He was a light to everyone he met," Shenetha said.

Despite the heartache, this family still has hope this case will be solved.

"It's cold, but it's not old," Kendra said. "The call I'm ready for is: 'Hey, we got 'em.'"

"I know somebody out there is just going on about their life, and we're still grieving five years later," Shenetha said.

If you have any information about what happened during the shootout or you think you know who killed Jason Jolley, you are urged to call HPD homicide detectives at 713-308-3618.

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