Jacinto City Elementary student dropped off by van when same vehicle hit him, police say

The police chief in the east Harris County town described Wednesday's scene as "chaotic."

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Thursday, October 13, 2022
Van that dropped off 9-year-old boy hits and kills him, police say
A 9-year-old Jacinto City Elementary School student was killed when the van that just dropped him off at home hit him, police said.

JACINTO CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A 9-year-old boy, who was steps away from his Jacinto City home, has died after the vehicle that dropped him off hit him, police said on Wednesday.

Jacinto City Police Chief Joe Ayala said the incident happened in the 10500 block of Pillot Street at about 3 p.m.

While the investigation is in its early stages, the chief said the driver who hit the boy may have been distracted when the child got off the right side of the vehicle and crossed in front of it.

"It's just very unfortunate what happened. However, maybe if they would've paid a little more attention to make sure the child was clear from the bus, maybe this wouldn't have happened," Ayala said.

The child suffered head trauma when he died, police said.

Daniel Chairez, a neighbor who witnessed the collision, recalled the trauma not only suffered by the victim, but also the children in the vehicle.

"Little kids were crying. The bus driver, she was just with her hands on her head, you know, freaking out," Chairez said.

Investigators added that the white van involved in the collision is a private vehicle that typically takes children to and from Jacinto City Elementary School, where the victim attended.

The chief told ABC13 that the other children on board at the time were not hurt but were understandably upset, crying and screaming when it happened. Their parents reacted similarly when they reunited with their children.

An Eyewitness News crew also witnessed the victim's family constantly wailing following their small loved one's death.

It's not immediately known if the driver, who has not yet been identified, will face charges.

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