82-year-old Virginia woman fights off bedroom intruder

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Monday, August 3, 2015
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An 82-year-old grandmother says she went and purchased a gun after finding a stranger in her bedroom.

HENRICO COUNTY, VA (KTRK) -- An 82-year-old woman says she was awakened by a stranger in her bed. She then fought him off.

Reba Shook tells WTVR-TV that she was asleep in her Henrico County, Virginia house when a man got inside by crawling through a window. That man then climbed into her bed.

When Shook woke up, she first thought the man laying next to her was her dog, Cooper.

"I said Cooper what are you doing in my bed this time of night and I put my hand out for him to smell my hand I then I realized it was somebody," said Shook. "I said well I dont know what youre after but you aren't gone get nothing here."

Shook says she then began fighting for her life.

"I started scratching him and you know I said some bad words," Shook told WTVR-TV.

The intruder eventually ran away and has not been seen since.

Shook wasn't hurt, but her family begged her to move after the incident. Instead, Shook went down to the gun store saying she'll be better prepared next time.

"If anybody values their life they won't climb into my window," Shook said.