Here's how people in Lake Charles are recovering from Hurricane Laura

LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana (KTRK) -- As residents in Lake Charles return to their homes after evacuating during Hurricane Laura, they're finding destruction.

But, they're also finding help in one another.

"Everything is kind of destroyed. So if we can just lend a helping hand, that's all we want to do," explained Saltona Citizen.

Citizen and her fiancée, Trevon Moore, spent the day helping their neighbors.

They collected donations from friends and passed out water and groceries.

Even they were surprised by the turn out.

"I just brought her food and she started crying, so I can tell she needed it bad," Moore said. "Just seeing her in need."

"It gives us this hope. I thank you so much. I've never seen nothing like this before. I've been through [Hurricane] Rita, but not like this, not like this," said JoEvelyn Smith, whose home was destroyed in the hurricane, and needed groceries.

"When he knocked on that door, I was like, 'Thank you God. Thank you, God.'"

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