Despite losing everything in Harvey, mom says she still has faith

It's been a year since Hurricane Harvey hit, but for some families, the storm is not over.

That includes mother of three Janice Evans, who lives in northeast Harris County.

Harvey sent three feet of water into her home. It destroyed everything, including her car.

Today she sleeps on a cot, pays more for rent, has a car payment and higher insurance bills. The extra expenses have not been easy to meet.

"That is the devastating part. As a matter of fact, I got an appointment today at two o'clock to see what bankruptcy is going to be," Evans said.

Evans also has three kids. She says that despite losing a lot, she has not lost her faith.

"Some people didn't make it, so you can't just dwell upon what you lost materially," Evans told ABC13.

Evans says from her perspective homeowners got more help than renters. However, her plight highlights just how many people are still dealing with the storm's aftermath.

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