'Prey' star Amber Midthunder talks importance of representation for the Native community

Hulu's 'Prey' star Amber Midthunder guest-stars on 'Reservation Dogs' and talks on-screen representation.

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Thursday, September 1, 2022
Hulu's 'Prey' star Amber Midthunder talks Native representation
Amber Midthunder reveals why it's important to highlight the value of Indigenous stories and storytellers.

LOS ANGELES -- It's been the summer of Amber Midthunder.

She turned heads as Naru in "Prey," which became the number one premiere on Hulu. And she's got a guest-starring role on "Reservation Dogs," which also streams on Hulu. She plays an influencer who tries to connect with the dogs as part of the Native American Reclamation and Decolonization Symposium Youth Summit.

"I feel like everything in her mind is like, 'it's a beautiful story.' She's like the Disney princess where everything's like rainbows and butterflies and you're like, no," Midthunder told On The Red Carpet.

Midthunder has been a fan of "Reservation Dogs" for awhile, and feels the show has been important in highlighting the value of Indigenous stories and storytellers.

"Reservation Dogs, I really do feel, kind of opened that door. I feel this show has been transformative for us and it feels like a portal."

"Prey," too, has opened people's eyes, said Midthunder. "I've had so many people come up to me and they're as emotional as I am about what it means, there's something out there that we as a people can be proud to be represented by. I feel that way about it too."

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