Restaurant opened by former firefighter treats first responders

HIGHLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're looking for a local spot with a huge heart for law enforcement, Backdraft Restaurant in Highlands is your place!

The restaurant has been serving the area for 21 years.

The original owner was a firefighter. So, first responders have always dined at the restaurant for free or reduced prices.

Many of them have donated badges, boots and fire hats to add to the restaurant's decor.

"When a fireman we feed or police pass away, they bring me badges," explained waiter Amanda Smith. "I have badges and patches that even the constable's office doesn't have anymore."

In order to help the community and local law enforcement, the restaurant stayed open during Hurricane Harvey.

"That was a horrible thing for a lot of people. People's houses were flooded," explained owner Jeff Smith. "This gave them a place where you could come sit in the air conditioning and eat some real food."

You can check out there hearty dishes on the Backdraft Restaurant website.

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