How the Hurts family is an institution in Channelview

Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Hurts family name looms larger at Channelview HS | HTX+ East Side
Hurts family name looms larger at Channelview HS | ABC13's David Nuno speaks to head coach Averion Hurts Sr. about his superstar lineage

CHANNELVIEW, Texas (KTRK) -- In Channelview, the Hurts family name equals "respect."

The patriarch of the family, Channelview High School football head coach Averion Hurts Sr., has the town in his blood.

"I graduated from Channelview High School," says Coach Hurts. "I am proud to say both of my sons graduated from Channelview also. And my daughter will be in high school next year."

His sons have quite the reputation as well.

Averion Jr. played at Channelview and Texas Southern, while Jalen won two national championship with Alabama and is now playing for Oklahoma.

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"When you are a coach's kid, you grow up around football or whatever sport it is. You grow up in the field house. With that for both of my sons, it was like their day care," the elder Hurts said. "My sons get the same speech all my players get. It is not a different speech, it is the same one. Because we want every young man to come out of Channelview ISD to move on and be successful."

For the Hurts family, football will always be close.

"My oldest son is a coach on our staff. A freshman coach, and that was his passion. And dealing with Jalen, he has graduated, so we are going to see what God has in store for him. He should have a bright future."

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