Conroe is music city: 10 live music venues in town with 1 on the way

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- Conroe might be the only Houston-area city to receive a Texas music-friendly community distinction, but it's not a surprise to locals.

On a Thursday afternoon, there are all kinds of sounds inside The Red Brick Tavern in Conroe, from the burger on the grill to staff taking orders.

But the most important sound is the one that's become the heartbeat of the community. Last year, Conroe was named a Texas music friendly community.

"Conroe is one of the awesome places that I love playing here," musician Shawn McCualey said.

There are nearly 10 venues across the city where you can find live music. Another is coming next spring. The city is also working on an education music space for children. A reason why leaders say they were certified by the state.

"Our initiative is going to be to help the artists in the sense that creates events," Conroe Music Advisory Council chairman Frank Jackson said. "(It's) making events easier to do business in Conroe."

The state is looking for other communities to earn the distinction. But so far, no one else has caught up to what Conroe is doing in southeast Texas.

"We welcome it! The more the merrier," Jackson said.

A reason for the success is what's been happening at The Corner Pub, as well as The Red Brick Tavern, for seven years.
Each day, customers can listen to live music.

"I love that the city is endorsing and loving what we do," The Red Brick Tavern owner Debbie Glenn said.

Glenn isn't only in charge of the food and drinks. She's also part of the entertainment. It's her musical passion that's continuing to grow in Conroe, which is why it's not uncommon to grab a bite to eat on a workday week and hear a new artist as well.

"Conroe is a very special place," Glenn explained. "There's a lot of love for music and songwriters here. I don't know if that happened overnight, or if people learned to love it, but it's here and it's beautiful."

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