Houston designer Chloe Dao shows ABC13 Rebecca Spera how to be versatile with a scarf

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Once the weather cools off, we can finally pull out our scarves and pashminas.

It's one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces, but Houston designer Chloe Dao, owner of the Chloe Dao Boutique, took the original scarf up a notch by adding sleeves, and she's showing ABC13 how to wear it.

Last year, Dao wanted to create a gift for every size and every age.
"Something that's really great for the city, but also travel. Something that you want to keep in your bag and wear all the time and you really need," Dao said.

So, Dao came up with a machine washable scarf with sleeves.

"You really can't see the sleeves until I point it out," Dao said.

And it's true. I didn't even see the sleeves hidden in the garment!

It can be worn as a scarf, but Dao's design allows for ways to wear this piece as a cardigan.

"Here's the sleeve. And all you do is, find the other sleeve, do one little twist, and now we have a cardigan," Dao said. "Cover your gut. Cover your butt. And pull it whenever you want!"

Then, keeping with the cardigan, raise the front at the label and create a boat neck top.

"You can have a sari. Drop one shoulder, and now it becomes a sari," Dao said.

"Another great one that I do is called the Buddha, and it's a great one to start with. Put it over your shoulders, criss-cross, put your arms in the sleeves, and now you have this that stays on your shoulder. And now you have a cape."

It easily transforms into a vest. Just fold it in half. Find the ends without the label and without the sleeves and then knot it, and put it on. Wear it like this, or flip it over the shoulder for another cape look.

Chloe said she finds new ways to wear it every day, so the real point of this piece is to have fun.

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