Winter storm in Texas poses icy road dangers, so be prepared

BE PREPARED: How to handle icy roads and breakdowns
Here's everything you're going to need to survive ice on the roads.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Cold weather conditions present problems for drivers, especially those who get left stranded on roads.

The cold weather, as well as hard overnight freeze, can create icy spots on some area roads.

Ice is a road hazard some drivers aren't prepared to handle.

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Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Craig Cummings offered driving advice to Eyewitness News.

"You want to turn into the way the skid is going," Cummings said. "The thing to remember if you get into ice, don't jam on the brakes, then don't begin to put a lot of steering input into it."

Cummings said ice shouldn't be your only concern. You need to have a plan in case your breakdown.

"Take some blankets, put them in the truck, the back seat," Cummings said. "A jacket that fits each person, that's with the vehicle. Some gloves, hats and maybe some hand warmers."

Also, make sure you have at least half a tank of gas, check your fluids and bring a cell phone charger.

Some things you want to avoid doing are wandering outside your vehicle, tailgaiting the person in front of you, and calling 911 for a breakdown.

"Keep your vehicle running," Cummings said. "Keep the heat going, and then call somebody to come help you."

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