Long-awaited freeway ramp set to open near Galleria this weekend

Friday, November 20, 2020
Long-awaited freeway ramp set to open near Galleria
Major road closures expected this weekend could cause massive traffic jams. Here's a few alternate routes.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The inbound US-59, the Southwest Freeway, is expected to shut down between Gessner and Fondren all weekend. You can use either Bissonnet or the Westpark Tollway for your detour.

In the Galleria area, the brand new ramp connecting 610 southbound to US-59 northbound is opening this weekend. This will change the configuration of the interchange.

The connector from 610 southbound to 59 northbound/southbound will be reduced from two lanes to one.

Expect several lane and ramp closures at the interchange throughout the weekend.

The ramp that is opening is the largest ramp in the interchange, reaching 80 feet high.

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It's not quite halfway complete, but some big progress has been made on the interchange, including a large flyover ramp.

And overnight on Friday, the Gulf Freeway will be shut down northbound from FM-517 to FM-646 in Galveston County. The closure lasts until noon on Saturday. You can detour on Highway 3.

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