Southwest Freeway reopens over 7 hours after 18-wheeler crash caused big mess at Bissonnet

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Thursday, June 23, 2022
18-wheeler crash on SW Freeway at Bissonnet blocking all SB lanes
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It appeared that the trailer of the truck started rising up while driving. Video showed the mangled aftermath, including some freeway signage.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An 18-wheeler flipped in the southbound lanes of the Southwest Freeway Thursday morning, causing major delays for drivers headed toward Sugar Land.

The southbound lanes of the I-69 Southwest Freeway at Bissonnet finally started to reopen after noon, over seven hours after the crash was initially reported.

Crews were letting traffic from the feeder road back onto the mainlanes just past Bissonnet.

ABC13 video at the scene showed a mangled mess at the crash site. It appeared that the dump trailer struck a freeway sign, causing it to fall.

Crews had to remove the damaged sign and inspect the park and ride bridge.

It is believed that the trailer of the truck started rising up on its own. The truck driver tried to slam on the brakes, but couldn't stop the rig.

That's when the trailer rolled over, spilling scrap metal across the freeway.

TxDOT crews at the scene used a torch to cut the sign. ABC13 video showed it fall over in preparation to be hauled away.

Another car appeared to be involved in the crash. It was unclear if any injuries were reported.