ABC13 and Texans team up to surprise Furr HS with new team merch on uniform reveal day

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
H-Town Made: Special Fans Surprise
ABC13's SkyEye surprised students at Furr High School with a very special delivery courtesy of the Houston Texans!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The team shop wasn't the only place some Houston Texans fans were able to get their hands on the new gear released Tuesday.

Some of the merchandise dropped -- literally -- right out of ABC13's helicopter, SkyEye, and landed in the hands of students at Furr High School.

ABC13 and the Texans teamed up for a special delivery, giving the school's football and flag football teams an opportunity to receive new swag.

It was a moment that included the Texans cheerleaders, and of course, beloved mascot Toro, who waited on the track for the fun to begin.

"I'm no quarterback, but I'll be able to throw out some new merch out of this chopper and get it into the end zone to make sure we get a lot of touchdowns for these kids," Tammy Rose, the helicopter reporter heard from SkyEye mostly every day, said.

SkyEye was about 400 feet above the school, and it was the perfect day for flying. The wind cooperated, and most of all, there was no rain or low clouds.

But a merchandise drop of this measure doesn't come together overnight.

As Tammy explained during ABC13's special, "H-Town Made: Special Fans Surprise," the merchandise had to be bundled up correctly in order for it to fall out of the helicopter and fall to the field below.

The students received T-shirts that featured the Texans alternate "H" logo in the H-Town blue color, one of the running themes throughout the city edition color rush uniform.

Watch the moment the surprise was unveiled in the video player above.

And catch up on all things Texans, including the uniform reveal, in the video below.

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