Customers expected to have power fully restored on Sunday after Wednesday's storms, CenterPoint says

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Friday, June 23, 2023
Houston areas may not see power restored until Sunday: CenterPoint
According to CenterPoint Energy's outage tracker, at least 150,000 people have had power back, but the rest will have to wait until the end of the weekend.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- With days in the 90s and nights in the 80s, Spring residents are physically and mentally burnt out at the idea some may be without power until Sunday.

"Really hot," Madison Williams said.

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"That's just unacceptable," Tavaris Williams said.

The Wednesday, June 21, storm that brought down trees and power lines was strong but not unusual for the area or time of year.

According to Centerpoint Energy's outage tracker, as of 6 p.m. on Friday, there are currently 24,923 customers that are without power.

As we head into a season of possible tropical storms and hurricanes, ABC13 asked CenterPoint why this storm is a five-day fix. We're told this storm caused extensive damage to CenterPoint equipment and infrastructure.

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"The damage we have been seeing is across the board. Pole down, wires down, trees on lines, so we have to clear those trees, we have to get those wires and poles back up, and it just takes significant time," CenterPoint communications director Alyssia Oshodi said.

And more importantly, what happens if a hurricane hits? What's the game plan to protect Houston's infrastructure?

"A lot of work goes into trying to prevent damage when we see these storms come through, including training. We run drills to ensure we have protocol in place so we can react and respond as quickly as possible, and yes, we proactively try to maintain our tree trimming practices to get trees away from the lines," Oshodi said.

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Finally, we asked if community generation would be brought in, which is temporary equipment that can connect to the grid and bring power to neighborhoods like a giant generator.

"We have the ability to stand up some mobile generation when logistically that makes sense, so we are evaluating those options and those opportunities to see if we can deploy some of that mobile generation to restore some of the restoration efforts," Oshodi said.

CenterPoint wouldn't say if they will deploy the mobile generations. However, they did say people without power can expect updates and follow local guidance on where people can go to stay cool.

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