Another alleged kidnapping victim comes forward and accuses self-proclaimed Houston rapper

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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Another alleged kidnapping victim accuses self-proclaimed rapper
Lee Carter faces additional kidnapping charges in connection to a July 2021 case. He's already accused of holding a woman against her will for years.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Another victim of a man charged with kidnapping a pregnant woman and holding her hostage in a locked garage for years has come forward.

Lee Carter, 52, was charged with two more crimes Wednesday and now stands accused of kidnapping a woman in July 2021 "with the intent to violate and abuse" her sexually, court records state.

In early January, he was arrested and charged with the aggravated kidnapping of another woman.

According to court records, she told Houston police she was pregnant and panhandling when Carter picked her up. He locked her inside the garage of his house on Perry Street in Sunnyside, she said, forced her to have sex, and drugged her for as long as five years. One neighbor told ABC13 he watched her escape once.

"A gal comes crawling out that window just there with the boards over it, just crawling her way out. Pregnant, eight months," the witness said.

Last April, she escaped for good and told police she often heard Carter arguing with other women in other parts of the house.

Carter's attorney, George Powell, has denied the allegations and said that relationship was consensual. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new charges.

Carter, who told the court he has seven children, ages 1 to 31 years old, and is a real estate broker, remains in jail. He calls himself a rapper on social media and uses the name "Viper."

Records state his bond was revoked after he violated a no-contact order by calling the initial victim.

He is due in court on Thursday.

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