6 Houston men found with $88K charged in Laredo ATM robbery

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Thursday, February 8, 2018
6  suspsects from Houston arrested in Laredo ATM heist
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6 suspsects from Houston arrested in Laredo ATM heist

LAREDO, Texas -- Police say six Houston men have been arrested at a South Texas border checkpoint and charged with stealing $88,000 from an ATM in Laredo.

Laredo police spokesman Jose Baeza said Thursday that the suspects are charged with aggravated robbery and engaging in organized criminal activity.

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Police believe the suspects Tuesday robbed a worker servicing an outdoor ATM, fled in an SUV, then switched to a car that was later stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint.

Baeza says five men in the car were detained after cash, believed from the holdup, was found in the trunk of the vehicle. A sixth suspect in another car was also arrested.

Laredo police have contacted Houston police investigating ATM-related robberies. In December, ATMs were stolen from the lobbies of five Houston hotels.