How you can land a job in the Third Ward this week paying $25 an hour

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Thursday, August 6, 2020
Jobs hiring in the Third Ward paying up to $25 an hour
From the Breakfast Klub to TSU and UH, there are many opportunities sprouting in the Third Ward!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Despite the pandemic, Third Ward employers are doing what they can to make sure neighbors have access to jobs.

For nearly 20 years, the Breakfast Klub has been a staple in the Houston community. It's more than good food.

The owners explained it's about good community. "Times like this prove why we need to be in the business of building community because we need each other at all times," The Breakfast Klub steward Marcus Davis explained.

The Breakfast Klub and the company's other restaurant, the Reggae Hut, aren't in the Third Ward, but both staff people who live there, and they're looking to help even more.

Right now, both restaurants are looking to hire. "Everything from cooks to managers," Davis said.

Within the Third Ward, one of the largest employers is looking to hire even more. "We're not closed," Texas Southern University Interim President Kenneth Huewitt explained. "We are still open. We've stayed open. We're just doing things remotely."

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The Breakfast Klub is selling seasonings and mixes so that you can get a taste of its popular dishes at home.

There are more than 50 openings for Texas Southern University, and you don't need a college degree. If you get a job, it could help you get one though.

"We are working towards a program that will allow our employees to take some classes at a reduced rate," Huewitt said.

TSU leaders hope the jobs will make the Third Ward community stronger. "When you're in an area where everyone is so up on their neighborhood and those types of things, it's infectious," Huewitt explained.

Davis from The Breakfast Klub said Third Ward enthusiasm is why it loves being part of the community, and helping those during these tough times. "We're about the business of building community one grit at a time, and part of building that community is keeping people gainfully employed," Davis said.

If you're interested in working at the Breakfast Klub or Reggae Hut, just head into the restaurants to apply.

  • The Breakfast Klub: 3711 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002
  • Reggae Hut: 4814 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77004

As for TSU, visit to apply.

There are other employers in the Third Ward area hiring. On Thursday, ABC13 partnered with Workforce Solutions to host a virtual job fair.

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There will be 35 immediate hire jobs on the line. Some of the positions include a University of Houston police corporal position paying upwards of $25 an hour, a dental assistant position paying $24 an hour, and auto and restaurant positions paying in range from $9 to $12 an hour.


ABC13 virtual job fair: Jobs in Houston's 3rd Ward paying up to $25 an hour

If you're interested in previewing the positions in Thursday's virtual job fair, visit

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