Houston couple expecting to come home to shipped wedding keepsakes loses them to package thief

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022
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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A newlywed couple came home from their honeymoon over the weekend to find out they had been robbed.

The thief was caught on security camera walking off with a box full of sentimental items they shipped back from their wedding in Sedona, Arizona.

The joy and love on display for the couple in Arizona quickly turned into disappointment when they got home to Houston.

"We realized that one of the boxes that we had shipped from Sedona wasn't here," newlywedded husband Maximiliano Degwitz said.

Their security camera footage revealed what happened just after midnight on Friday. A thief limped up their driveway, picked up one of their boxes at the garage door, and then walked off with items the Degwitzes said cannot be replaced.

The box has two of Katie's dresses from the wedding, her veil, and family photos inside.

"It was nothing that would be of value to anyone but us," they said, "It's a total shame. It hurts us, but it doesn't really bring much to him."

Maximiliano said the sentimental worth of what was stolen is priceless.

"That's the most important part. The original family photos from her parents and grandparents' wedding, as well as my parents' wedding. That has a lot of value to us," newlywedded wife Katie Degwitz said.

"They were the only photos she had of her parents' wedding," Maximiliano added.

They're now a lost part of their family's history.

The couple hopes the thief dumped their belongings somewhere after realizing they couldn't be sold.

The couple is now asking Houston police, as well as people in the Montrose neighborhood, to be on the lookout for their treasures that he may have trashed.

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