Council member slams Mayor Turner for denying him his cowboy hat

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Thursday, July 29, 2021
Council member slams Mayor Turner for denying him his cowboy hat
One of Houston's city council members took issue with Mayor Turner, but not about things like budgets or zoning. This gripe was over a cowboy hat.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're wondering what's being discussed at city council meetings, you'll probably be surprised to hear that wearing a cowboy hat made the list.

Along with all the challenges that comes with running the city of Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner is now dealing with an interesting issue involving a city council member.

Councilman Mike Knox, who serves for Houston City Council's At-large Position 1, took time out during Wednesday's meeting to say the mayor has "exceeded his authority."

According to Knox, Turner hasn't approved his official city photo because he's wearing a cowboy hat.

"This hat is a $350 Stetson silver belly," said Knox during the meeting as he showed off the light-colored hat to members.

Knox is referring to the Stetson brand of cowboy hats, which has become a staple in modern western wear. Most of the company's hats are known to be made of fine materials, such as top-of-the-line fur felt.

"No one wears a hat like that to work cattle or to farm a field," Knox said. "This is a hat that you wear when you're going to church. When you're going to the office. When you're doing something in a professional manner. There's no reason why I should not be allowed to have my photograph taken in this hat."

Knox said he doesn't work for the mayor and is asking for his picture to be approved.

He also said wearing the hat in his work photo is protected under the Constitution as freedom of expression.

Turner did not address the issue once Knox finished speaking at the meeting.

The mayor's office told ABC13 that prior to Knox's comments, Turner advised him that he would get back to him on the subject.