Brides battling wedding videography company

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Brides battling wedding videography company
Three Houston-area newlyweds are losing hope that they will get all of what they paid for from a local wedding videography company.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Three Houston-area newlyweds are losing hope that they will get all of what they paid for from a local wedding videography company.

Haylee Read, Candice Webb and Caitlyn Coleman hired Eloquence Avenue to create a video highlighting their special day.

Read paid $750 to the videographers for her October 2020 wedding. Webb booked hers with Eloquence Avenue when they were having a special and paid $500 ahead of her September 2020 ceremony. Coleman's wedding was in August of 2020 and she paid $1,500.

They each signed a contract that listed varying elements they could expect in return for their payments. They were each promised videographers for different amounts of time. Some were promised drone footage and a minute-long preview video. All three were promised a video highlighting their night.

Months after their weddings, they are all still waiting on the highlight video.

"It's sad," Coleman said. "There's sometimes I'm visibly upset where I'm in tears because it's like, I don't think we're ever going to get it and that's the saddest part to me."

The now newlyweds said they found Eloquence Avenue in a Facebook group for brides in Houston and surrounding areas. Despite having someone show up to shoot their weddings, Webb said she does not believe she will ever get her video.

"Why would I pay you for something, you actually show up and you don't follow through?" Webb said. "What's the point of you showing up at that point?"

All three women are extremely frustrated. They repeatedly reached out to the company, trying to get answers and got a few updates from the company with updates and promises.

"It took a couple of text messages over a span of a few days and phone calls for her to just send one text back saying, 'Hi Caitlyn,'" Coleman said. "She has over 50 brides that she hasn't gotten their videos back and she would get back to me. She's trying to hurry as best she can."

An email did go out to the brides on Feb. 11 from the company, apologizing for the delay. It said they have been largely shut down for reasons outside of business and promising updates weekly until the videos are delivered.

The brides said the updates did not come.

About six months after Read's wedding and more than eight months after Coleman's, the women were sent links to all of the individual clips taken at their weddings.

Now, they are paying more money to someone to put together the hundreds of clips they were sent.

"It's like an eight-second clip, a 33-second clip, a 15-second clip," Read said. "I have 160 clips from the wedding that are just separate."

Coleman said they do not want other brides to feel the way they are.

"We work hard for our money," Coleman said. "We do what we can. A wedding's not cheap by any means, and we saved up money to pay for something that we didn't get."

ABC13 reached out to Eloquence Avenue numerous times for comment but have not heard back.

Since then, Coleman received a partial refund from the company.

Webb said she received an email from Eloquence Avenue promising a partial refund, but has yet to receive it.

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