Birdy Grey is selling affordable bridesmaids dresses for under $100

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Monday, July 24, 2023

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Bridesmaids' dresses have become a touchy subject over the years. It seems as though most bridesmaids' dresses come from the Victorian or Elizabethian era. Birdy Grey wants to change that. With a variety of styles and colors, their goal is to create beautiful dresses that bridal parties (and the bride) will actually love.

Not only do they have styles you may actually wear again, but they're affordable too. Their entire selection of bridesmaid dresses are all $99 and under, with a number of different fabrics, fits, and colors to match any theme. Each dress you pick is then shipped and delivered in 5-10 business days with free exchanges and easy returns.

They also give back by partnering with Princess Project, where you can donate your dress to teens in need for prom.

Click the link below to start picking fabrics and colors.

Birdy Grey

Image credit: Birdy Grey