Top tech trends predicted for 2021

Friday, November 20, 2020
Top tech trends predicted for 2021
Ready for 2020 to end? Here's what you can expect from next year when it comes to tech.

Polls show most Americans just want 2020 to end, and the sooner the better.

So what does next year hold? Tech experts are making predictions about the digital world and where it's headed in 2021.


5G is the designation for the next generation mobile network being rolled out across the world.

It will provide faster data speeds, more reliability and better performance, allowing industries like tele-medicine to grow quickly.

Houston is one of the first major cities where all three major wireless carriers now offer 5G service. AT&T finally rolled out its 5G service this past summer.

In a survey last year, 62% of business executives predicted 5G will have a big impact on their industries in the next three years.

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Apple has unveiled the company's first-ever 5G enabled iPhone. A mini and pro version of the phone will also be released.


Cybersecurity will be more important than ever in 2021.

Hackers have expanded their attacks against businesses around the world during the pandemic.

Attacks on cloud servers have increased by more than 600%, and with more people working at home, companies need to expand their cyber-security to home networks and mobile devices that people are using from their homes.

Work from home

Experts predict working from home will become a permanent thing for millions of people as employers realize they don't need people in expensive office space.

Workers have been asking for more job flexibility, and employers now have new tools and new technology like Zoom to make that happen.

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The work from home tax would raise about $48 billion per year and go into a fund to help those who are struggling during the pandemic, economists said.

Artificial intelligence

Finally, AI, or artificial intelligence, will grow quickly.

It may seem like a futuristic concept, but your life is already experiencing AI every time a streaming service suggests a movie based on your past choices.

Another example of AI being used today is when you see ads on social media that are based on your viewing habits. Big data will influence how you shop, eat and entertain yourself.

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