This is the hottest job in Houston for college grads, says new study

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Monday, May 31, 2021
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Businesses everywhere are welcoming an economic rebound posed by improving COVID case numbers and the vaccine. But, many new businesses, including a restaurant we spoke with, are having a hard time getting things open, due to this.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Are you a newly minted college grad searching for an in-demand job in Houston? If you're a petroleum engineer, you're in luck.

A study published May 27 by RentCafé, a platform for apartment rentals, shows the hottest job in Houston for college grads is petroleum engineer. RentCafé based its list of hot jobs on two factors: median pay and jobs per 1,000. The median pay for petroleum engineers in Houston is $178,240.

Austin? If you're a software developer, you're in luck.

For more details on the list of hot jobs, continue reading from our ABC13 partners at Houston CultureMap.

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