Homeowner confronts several home invaders near Pearland

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Investigators are searching for three people who broke into a home near Pearland, and then ran away when the homeowner confronted them.

Surveillance video shows a man walk inside and straight into the master bedroom at about 12:20 pm.

After rummaging around for a little while, he calls a friend.

Soon after a second man is dropped off, the homeowner woke up and ran into the living room.

"I see two males and I said, 'hey!' and they said, 'oh shoot!,' and then they ran. They opened this door, they slam it open and there's a black chair out here which they used to climb on and they jump the fence and that's when they ran and they got away," said Khan Pham.

The thieves didn't get away with anything. If you recognize anybody from the surveillance video, contact Harris County Precinct 2 Constable at 713-477-2766.

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