Holiday shipping deadline is today

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Holiday shipping deadline is here
Press play for tips on how to save some money when getting your holiday packages shipped.

The deadline to ship goods and make sure they get to their destination before Christmas at a regular rate is Tuesday.

So, if you're planning to ship a loved one a package, act fast.

The post office, UPS and FedEx have Dec. 15 as the last day to pay regular rates and ensure it arrives by Christmas.

For letters or cards, Dec. 18 is the deadline to send first class mail for Christmas arrival.

The three-day shipping deadline for FedEx and UPS is Dec. 21, but prices are high.

"You can start to double and triple your costs, easily, especially with dimension and weight," Jorge Cantu said. "So, a $25 item could cost you close to $100 to make sure it gets there on time, but two days could take three days, three days could take four days."

Not only will it cost more, but your package might still get there later than anticipated. Jorge said not to wait any longer and to get your shipments to the mail as soon as possible.

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