The Latina Podcasters Networks: The new wave of women in the podcasting world

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Friday, October 14, 2022
Meet the CEO of the Latina Podcasters Network
After seeing that voices like hers were not reflected in the podcasting world, Rita Bautista took a big leap to start her own network that Apple Music has promoted.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, ABC13's Mayra Moreno met with a young Latina woman who has been making waves in the podcasting world.

Rita Bautista, the founder of Latina Podcasters Network, started her very own podcast in 2019 but said when she did not see herself reflected in the voices of podcasting, she took a giant leap. She created her network of Latina podcasters.

Her reason: She wanted to amplify their voices and get them noticed.

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"We have been working with Apple to promote the podcasts," Bautista said.

"Apple has a concept right now during Latinx Heritage month; it's called La Vecindad, so it basically allows you to go on their platform and see podcasts of color."

"The bilingual podcast is huge right now. People want to be able to hear their stories not just in English but also in Spanish or Spanglish, so they feel more relatable to the topics happening," Bautista said.

After creating Latina Podcasters Network and collaborating with Apple and Spotify, the podcasters have been seeing great success.

On her page, you can find anything from Spanish true crime to comedy and a podcast that helps Latinas learn how to gain financial freedom.

Rita says she is getting ready to sign a big mother-daughter duo. More details on that will soon be available.

She offered this piece of advice for others who may want to create their own seat at the table:

"I urge anybody out there who has an inkling or push in your intuition to build something that allows to elevate other people's voices to do it because there is not enough out here for us yet," she said.

You can find more information and listen to the podcasts here.

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